Watch Over the Next Few Months as Before Your Very Own Eyes Your Web Presence Improves.

This Will Not Be Magic but the Results of a Well Executed Plan.

Improving Your Look Online Weekly

Please watch the Video below. This is what I am explaining. 4 new posts added every month.

150-250 words per post. 2 images to be included. Weekly updates of all plugins and security updates. Site Backups done every week.

Every post will be published to both the twitter account and to the Facebook account.

This requires using extra tools and extra time. I will be using top SEO techniques and tags and keywords to enhance rankings.

A monthly progress report will be filed with the board every month before the board meeting.

The cost will be $129.95 per month. I would like a three month commitment to start with. After that renewal can be done on a month to month basis.


Please watch the video below for a tour of the Door To Hope Website.

This will give you a walk through on how the site is set up and what's available to the site user.

I go through all of the menu categories, and I explain the Home page and the right sidebar.

Showing you how they are setup and then I finish out the tour with a walk through of the site's footer links.

An informative how to for all board members.

Please watch the Social Media video below. The Social Media add on service is available for all web sites.

This service includes posting new content twice a week from the Facebook posts feeds service.

From the list of liked Facebook Fan Pages the content is shared to your Facebook Fan Page. This will provide content to build up interest in the Fan Page.

Comments and new articles and videos will be posted from use of another tool I have access to. This action will obtain new page likes and followers to the Churches website. Then new members will follow from the added interest.

The Goal is to go from the now 42 likes to 500-1000 likes and followers.

The cost of this service is $99.95 per month.

I would like a 2 month minimum commitment to get started. This too may be renewed on a month to month basis after the initial two month period.

With web improvement we need to start at where your site is today. We will examine and look at your web presense from the search engines view.

Also very critically we will be looking at your customer. The people you intend to service with your business or whatever you do.
Door To Hope Church FaceBook
Door To Hope Church
The Door To Hope Church Web prescence could be bolstered by a stronger prescence on Facebook.

Reaching out to the Greater Rochester area would definitely bring more attention to the Canandaigua area.

This could only help bring us to the world.
Door To Hope Church website was built back in 2009.

By 2010 the Church was ranking on the front page of Google Searches for many keywords.

Such phrases as Canandaigua Churches, Churches Canandaigua, and Churches in Canandaigua were used.
Consistently attacking the web with new content would make a big difference in how the search engines view Door To Hope Church.

Publishing 4 new posts in a 30 day period will be big.

Any additional content, building out other sections of the site could only help.

Our "Create Website Presence" Beginners Pack

  • Create 4 post per month to website
  • Each Post will be between 150-250 words
  • Each post will contain 2 images minimum
  • Each post will be published to Twitter account and Facebook Fanpage account
  • These post will be formatted, use keywords and contain other best SEO Practices
  • A monthly Google Analytical report will be filed with site owner
Our "Social Media Advance" Pack

  • Build a Facebook FanPage
  • Create Likes and Comments by using a WP Plugin to add these
  • Initial Goal of 40 likes and followers on Facebook
  • Create page feeds to publish and share with other top niche Fanpages
  • Our overall goal is between 500-1000 likes and followers
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Message Successfully Sent!