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  • Uses real Pyrenees down feathers to deliver superior warm retention qualities and an unparalleled comfort level.
  • Pinzon is an Amazon brand, which simply means you pay less because there are no retail stores.
  • PermaBaffle technology keeps down from shifting to ensure your comforter lasts for a long time and doesn't bunch.
  • Created by the same company that makes luxury comforters for hotel brands worldwide.
The name Pyrenees actually refers to the geographic location where the birds live or originate u2013 the Pyrenees Mountains between the countries of France and Spain. Most feathers are no longer farmed from wild birds, except for Eider, so this material likely comes from farms of domesticated geese in that region. When a goose is nesting, it will molt premium down feathers that are harvested. The result from Pyrenees geese is a down with a high fill power of 550 to 600 - this delivers superior warming.
Pros and Cons
  • One of the best things about Pinzonu2019s Pyrenees down comforters is that their filling does not shift.
  • Theyu2019re hypoallergenic because the down has been sterilized.
  • They can even be machine washed and dried at home because of the patented stitching design that prevents clumping.
  • Real down feathers do come from real animals. While these can be harvested in an unethical manner, most modern down industries only harvest from farms or only molted feathers so their activities do not have an impact on wild birds.
  • The "white goose down" variation of this comforter is a bit on the expensive side for a blanket, but this price is also high simply because of the high percentage of down feathers.
Our Rating
Pinzon Pyrenees Review
These comforters are actually manufactured by DownLite, which has made comforters for every major hotel brand and many major international retailers. Most people save up all year to take a week long vacation somewhere and stay in a nice hotel. The most memorable and important part of the hotel is the comfort of the bed because without it, the rest of the experience can be obsolete. Those same luxury beds and down comforter sets at your favorite vacation destination were most likely made by DownLite, so Pinzon offers an affordable way to get this same comfort at home.
Down comforter products are often labeled as a particular type of down, but the average consumer often does not understand these labels because they use unfamiliar terms that specifically relate to this industry.nnPyrenees down is one of these often misunderstood fill materials used in various bedding goods, including blankets, pillows, duvets and more. It is a real down feather from a bird, and it is a higher quality feather compared with the kind used in many of the budget comforters (many others use duck feathers).nnThis simply means that Amazon's Pinzon brand is a higher quality down comforter, making it our top recommendation. Ready to own one? Buy a Pinzon Pyrenees here.